Runaway to a Mountain Adventure!

Branson's Longest Coaster!

Let's Ride!

Thrills For all ages, 3 to 103 and Beyond!


Night Rides Under the Lights

Extreme Thrills As We Light Up the Mountain


At Branson Mountain Adventure Park

The first mountain coaster in the Ozarks

You Control Your Adventure

The Ozarks' Longest Alpine Coaster-Nearly 1 Mile Long!

Welcome to the Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park, where you control your adventure on the only alpine mountain coaster in the area! Need Pricing? Schedules? Bringing a group? We’ve got you covered!

 Ticket Prices


$ 15

First Ride


$ 10

First Ride

Each Re-Ride

$ 10

Same Day Re-Rides
Taxes not included. All prices are per ride, no passes or discounts available at this time. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news & info.

Coaster Schedule

This calendar is updated regularly! Keep in mind that we are an outdoor attraction and open dates & times may be modified due to changing weather conditions and crowd levels.

Our Location

We are on Hwy 165 between Titanic & Table Rock Dam. Get directions here!

Ride & Safety Requirements

  • Single Drivers must be at least 9 years old and 52″ tall.
  • Double Drivers must be at least 16 years old and 52″ tall.
  • Passengers must be at least 3 years old and 36″ tall.
  • Total combined rider weight cannot exceed 300 pounds per the manufacturer.
  • Cameras, Phones, loose hats & clothing are not allowed on the Runaway.
  • This is an active participation ride, drivers must read & understand safety guidelines and not be distracted for the duration of the ride
  • More detailed safety information can be found at our safety guidelines page.

Call Today 1-800-371-7027

Your Branson coaster adventure awaits!

The Runaway Adventure Experience

Your Runaway adventure is actually two adventures in one. A solo driver or a driver and a passenger load at the loading station where our expert attendant teaches you how to control your mountain coaster cart and what to expect. Then you are released from the loading station and your cart attaches to an uphill pulley cable. This cable takes you uphill for about 5 minutes–riding 1900′ of track rising 330′ in elevation to the top of the hill. This quiet, leisurely uphill ride lets you see Ozark scenery up close, hear the sounds of nature–and watch other riders on their descent! Once you reach the top of the hill you will be released from the cable and from then on the ride is in your hands. Pull the brake handles when it gets too intense, or push them forward to speed up. And most people want to speed up to enjoy the full thrill of the 3000′ of track descending, spiraling, and curving down the mountain. The truly brave can get up to 30 mph as they race towards the finish line ~3 minutes later.  We have a discounted same day ride price because nearly everyone wants to experience a mountain coaster again.

Runaway Excitement

The Runaway–the name says it all as gravity powers your adventure down the hillside in Branson. Gravity speeds you up and you control the brakes to slow down if the corners are just a bit too intense. All out thrills or a customizable adventure, by yourself or with a friend, you choose how you Runaway.

You Choose Your Adventure

The Runaway Branson Mountain Coaster is the only alpine mountain coaster in Branson Missouri and the Ozarks. This ADG Designed coaster is the most talked about thrill ride in 2016 with a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor! It is also the foundation of the area’s newest outdoor attraction park, the Branson Mountain Adventure Park. Mountain coasters are a relatively new attraction in America and we’re pleased to bring one of the best to the heart of the Midwest. Our Branson Mountain Coaster features more family friendly thrills in town – more dips, more turns, more zigs and zags, more ups and downs! A true American made experience, the Branson Mountain Coaster races down the Ozark hillside weaving in and around trees, through nature and soars high over a creek leaving you breathless and ready to Runaway again!

Our coaster features state of the art safety systems and controls to ensure that every guest has the maximum amount of fun with the maximum amount of safety. Our park attendants are knowledgeable and ready to help make sure all your questions are answered and you’re ready to experience the Runaway at it’s best.

The Runaway Branson Coaster Experience

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The most talked about Branson coaster of 2016 and 2017 has been the Runaway Mountain coaster on Hwy 165. Located between the Titanic Museum and Table Rock Dam this coaster…

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