Watch out For The Runaway!

stagecoach-runaway-antiqueWhat’s in a name? A name should tell you what you’re in for. A name should tell you what’s coming. A good name will say, “Here we are and this is what we’ve got.” That’s why we’re proud to present, “THE RUNAWAY”.

The Runaway at Branson Mountain Adventure Park will be the first mountain coaster in Missouri and we want you to know what you’re in for. Picture an oncoming storm, the horses & stagecoach racing to safe shelter when suddenly there’s a flash of lightning followed closely by a crack of thunder…the horses race away in fear and the stagecoach passengers are hanging on for the ride as the stagecoach careens around corners barely missing trees–over bumps, making a 360 degree circle at one point before they race over the bridge and safely back into town where all are surging with adrenaline-but safe and sound. After a ride like that, some people just might want to try it again!

And soon you can! We will be bringing you The Runaway experience this summer at Branson Mountain Adventure Park. Like the runaway stagecoach in the old west, we won’t stop until we’ve got the best family thrill ride in Branson built for you!

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