Operating Hours & Schedule

The Runaway is open throughout the year, weather permitting. Because we are an active participation outdoor activity we will not operate during lightning storms,  low light conditions, or any other unsafe conditions.  If you have any question about whether we’re operating give us a call at 1-800-371-7027. All hours listed are dependent on current weather conditions and crowd levels.

Your Adventure Changes Throughout The Year

Sure you can ride the coaster in the summer well into the twilight and even on into the night. A cool mountain breeze will feel good in the middle of July and the trees and wildflowers will be in full bloom. But have you considered a fall ride? Ride through the spectacular fall foliage just a few feet away and as you come into the first helix get a panoramic view of the forested Fall Creek Valley ahead of you. Or why not try the winter coaster ride? On the warmer days (and in Branson, there are always some of those!) we’ll be open so you can have the longest & clearest views of the area as you race down the hill. Or come back and see us on spring break–with the flowers starting to bloom, the trees budding and the unique feeling of alternating between the cool shade of the trees and the patches of sun as the ground warms up for the year.

The point of all this? No matter what time you visit Branson, and no matter what the season, the Runaway Coaster will be ready for you to ride.