Mountain Coaster Concept Layout

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

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Make Your Own Mountain Coaster in 3 Easy Steps!

You will need the following Ingredients:

  • Steep Hillside – 1
  • Trees – Hundreds
  • Gravity – 1 Planet’s Worth
  • Track – ~5,000 feet (Curved and straight track, as needed)
  • Vertical Drop – 330 Feet
  • 270 Degree Loops – 2
  • Coaster Barn For Selling Tickets, Souvenirs, Loading & Unloading – 1
  • Great Location For Visitors From Around the Country to Try it Out – 1


  1. Clear a path for your very own mountain coaster track. Cut down as few trees as possible. Watch out for the creek, you’ll probably need a bridge.
  2. Level Ground For Your Coaster Building-you’ll need a place for all your friends to load the coaster & head up the mountain.
  3. Build Your Building and Track. Stick to the Plan
    Mountain Coaster Concept Layout
  4. Inspect everything for safety and have some test runs.
  5. Ride your ride & Enjoy!

Or if all that is a little more effort than you want to put into it, just come visit the Runaway in Branson this summer for your very own made to order mountain coaster adventure.

More to Running a Coaster Than Just Track

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Branson Coaster Building Under Construction

It’s not quite as exciting as the curves of steel will be, but this is the start of the most important part of the Branson Mountain Coaster! This is at the bottom of the hill just off of Highway 165 where our main building will be. Today there’s dirt, gravel, and a hard working excavator. In short order there will be ticket sales, a helpful staff, a gift shop, and a loading dock for the coaster itself. So while it may not look much different from most other construction projects you’ve seen, we think this is literally the foundation of something new & exciting in Branson!

Can’t Have A Coaster Without Some Track

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coaster trackThe First Half of our Coaster Track Deliveries is on site! It takes a lot of steel to put together a coaster and we’ve still got a lot more to go! When all is said and done we’ll have 5,000 feet of this stuff winding up, around and down one of the steepest slopes in Branson. Keep checking back as we update you on the progress of the only mountain coaster in Branson!