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February 2017

The Runaway Branson Coaster Experience

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The most talked about Branson coaster of 2016 and 2017 has been the Runaway Mountain coaster on Hwy 165. Located between the Titanic Museum and Table Rock Dam this coaster has been one of the area’s most loved new attractions. But what is a mountain coaster, and what makes the Runaway unique?

What is this thing?

The unique aspect of a mountain coaster is that it utilizes the natural terrain to make it go. Instead of building invasive lift towers and massive structural supports, we found a big hill and used it to make our coaster in Branson go! Gravity speeds you down the hill through turns, dips and helixes at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. But what if you’re not a thrill seeker? That’s OK! We’ve got you covered too–because our coaster is fully gravity powered, it means there’s no point where you have to go fast to keep momentum going and because of that there’s no reason we can’t give riders the control. So that’s what we did–each driver has control of their cart and can go full out or slow down & enjoy the scenery. It really is a coaster for everyone.

Why is our Branson Coaster Unique?

Ok, so you’re sold on the idea of a mountain coaster. But why the Runaway? How are we different than any other mountain coaster? Lots of reasons, but the two big ones are length and intact natural beauty. Our track is nearly a mile long and not a single foot of it is wasted. Starting below the soaring rafters of our loading building, riders will start with a gentle glide over Fall Creek crossing where the cart will attach to the pull cable. This cable will bring them on a 5 minute scenic ride up the hill where depending on the season you may see a waterfall as you pass, incredible Ozarks rock formations jutting out of the ground, an old deer hunting stand, spring woodland flowers, fall leaves and color, and trees just a few feet from the track. It may seem a funny thing, but we’re proud of our trees–the wooded Ozarks hillside was pristine when we got it and we went to extra expense to keep it as close to that as possible. Sure, it would have been cheaper, easier & faster to clear the trees out and give a wide open space but our coaster experience would have been poorer for it. In addition, it adds to the excitement of the downhill ride which lasts from 2 to 3 minutes depending on how brave you are with the brake controls. As you race down the final 3000 feet of track trees will be whizzing by just out of reach which enhances your sense of speed. Finally you’ll soar across Fall Creek one last time to our loading area where you have the option to ride again, and most people do. We made sure this was a ride you will want to experience more than once.

So It’s Just For Kids & Thrill Seekers, Right?

Nope. Absolutely Not. We do provide plenty for thrill seekers and coaster enthusiasts–we love to hear from them. But kids over 90 years old have ridden this and come down with a huge smile on their face and that really makes our day. Celebrating your 93’rd birthday with us? No problem, it’s already been done. 50th Wedding Anniversaries? We’ve had those too. You pick the thrill. Leisurely ride through the adventure park or making our Branson coaster track scream, it’s all good.

So that’s what a mountain coaster is, and that’s what you’ll want to experience next time you’re in Branson. Come visit us at 935 Hwy 165. Find out what a real mountain coaster is like and experience the first attraction of it’s kind in the Ozarks. Come explore the mountain with us, Let’s Ride!